Firmware Downloads

Firmware Naming

Local Firmware Updates using USB Adapter (...+slot0-boot.hex)

Firmware updates to be used for local update using the Lobaro Tool via USB configuration adapter

Example filename: app-nrf9160-wmbus+0.24.3+hw3+slot0-boot.hex

Remote Firmware Update Files (...+slot1.hex)

Firmware updates for remote update via the Lobaro Platform and NB-IoT or LTE-M firmware update downlink (needs secure fw >= 1.8.0).

(info) The remote update firmware is usually already uploaded to your Lobaro Platform instance by your admin. If not please consult your admin.

Example Downlink:

`fw` Downlink
  "d": {
    "app": "app-nrf9160-wmbus+0.24.3+hw3+slot1.hex",
    "boot": "app-boot-nrf9160-sec-TZ2-1.8.2-mcuboot-slot1.hex" 
  "q": "fw"

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