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titleFor Wireless M-Bus Gateway V3 (LOB-GW-HYB-WMBUS) only

This Firmware is only to be used with LOB-GW-HYB-WMBUS.

titleHow do I update the firmware?

Please refer to Updating Firmware on the page about our Lobaro Maintenance Tool.

Firmware Update Downloads

Only for hardware revision 3 (since 12/2021, single antenna MMCX, LOB-GW-HYB-WMBUS). Please check if the currently running version is older and the firmware name matches before performing the update.

Latest Firmware Download:

Firmware Downloads

app-nrf9160-wmbus+x.y.z+hw3+slot0-boot.hexLatest version for local update using the Lobaro Tool via USB configuration adapter

(info) The remote update firmware is usually already uploaded to your Lobaro Platform instance by your admin. If not please consult your admin.


For remote update via the Lobaro Platform firmware update downlink only, needs secure fw >= 1.8.0. 

Example Downlink:

Code Block
title`fw` Downlink
{ "d": { "app": "app-nrf9160-wmbus+x.y.z+hw3+slot1.hex", "boot": "app-boot-nrf9160-sec-TZ2-1.8.2-mcuboot-slot1.hex"   }, "q": "fw" }

See Firmware Downloads

Product identification:

Current firmware identification via Lobaro Tool log output:

Current firmware identification via Lobaro platform: