Wireless M-BUS Gateway V3

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NameWireless M-Bus Gateway V3
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Datasheet & Quickstart

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Latest Firmware

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CE Declaration of Conformity

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Battery Lifetime Calculator

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Differences to Wireless M-Bus Gateway V2 (LOB-GW-WMBUS-NB2)

All features are backwards compatible.

Hardware related changes:

  • wMbus receive sensitivity increased by ~10%
  • wMbus receive power consumption reduced by ~ 50%
  • Plugable internal Antenna
  • Recommended battery changed to compatible SAFT LSH-20
  • Optional SD-Card storage (not used in Firmware yet)

Anbindung an das Smart Meter Gateway (🇩🇪)

LED Patterns

The device has 3 three LEDs (B, G, R = Blue, Green, Red), labeled STATUS: 🔵🟢🔴

  • Patterns during booting/restart:
    • 🔵⚪🔴 B and R on: Device is in Bootloader Mode (not actively running, remove config adapter press reset to leave Bootloader Mode).
    • ⚪🟢⚪ G on for ~2s and off again: Device just booted, either after power on, reset b button or software, or after a hard failure.
    • ⚪⚪🔴 R flashes repeatedly on and off in 1s interval: critical failure during boot (failed to start application).
  • Patterns during normal operation:
    • 🔵⚪⚪ B flashes 1s on and 1s off in loop: building LTE connection to mobile provider. Followed by:
      • ⚪🟢⚪ Short G flash on success.
      • ⚪⚪🔴 Short R flash after connection failed.
    • There are no patterns during normal LoRaWAN operation.
  • Exceptional patterns:
    • 🔵⚪🔴/⚪🟢🔴 Quickly changing between R & B and G & B every 5s in a loop: Modem is in connection restriction mode - keep device on power, will fix itself after 30min.

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