Type nameLOB-GW-WMBUS-LW-2
DescriptionLobaro Wireless M-Bus Bridge V2
RF transceiver
ChipsetSemtech SX1272
Frequency Range863 to 870 MHz
TX Power≤ 14 dBm
LoRa communication
LoRaWAN Protocol
  • Class A  LoRaWAN 1.0.2 EU868 (certified)
  • Class A  LoRaWAN 1.1 EU868 (experimental)
Activation methodOver-the-air activation (OTAA)
Activation by personalization (ABP)
Typically RF range≤ 2km
Ideal RF range≤ 10km (free line of sight)
Wireless M-BUS communication
Supported wireless M-Bus modes

Unidirectional 868 MHz modes according to EN13757-4:

  • C1 / T1 (combined) 
  • S1

Proprietary formats:

  • SensusRF (Bubble Up)
Telegram storage size32KByte (for up to 500 wMBUS telegrams)
Frequencies868.3 MHz, 868.95 MHz
RF Range
  • up to 100m under ideal conditions
  • Indoor ≤ 30m
  • One Gateway every 2nd or 3rd Floor
Power Supply
Nominal Supply Voltage3.6V
Supply Voltage Range2.2V - 3.7V
Power supply3.6V ER34615 3.6V battery
Current consumption @3.6V
Normal≤3 mA
Wireless M-BUS RX≤14 mA
LoRa RX≤14 mA
LoRa TX≤80 mA
Sleep with RTC running≤15 µA
Mechanical dimensions
Size122 mm x 82 mm x 55 mm
Housing MaterialIndustrial polycarbonate
Environmental Requirements
Operating temperature range-20°C to +55°C
Operating humidity20 - 70 % fR, non-condensing
Max. Installation height2m
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Specifications of hardware revisions v1.x can be found in the previous documentation.

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