Wireless M-Bus Concentrator Gateway

The Lobaro wMBus Concentrator Gateway with external power supply records consumption values within a radius of 800 m - 1,000 m from up to 2,500 commercially available water meters, heat meters, heat cost allocators, etc. with 868 MHz wireless M-Bus radio interface or Sensus RF Bubble Up and forwards them encrypted via NB-IoT or LTE-M mobile radio to the Internet for regular evaluation. Due to the external energy supply of the device, frequent reading intervals in the range of minutes are also conceivable.

Examples for use cases:

  • energy managment of large areas e.g. a commune
  • predictive maintenance
  • early leakage detection

Forwarded meter values can be encrypted and transferred to the Lobaro IoT platform where they can be viewed or downloaded as CSV files.
Our Lobaro platform is necessary for the secure operation of the device and the management of the meter data.

Thanks to the novel NB-IoT or LTE-M mobile technologies, optimized for sensor data, remote reading works even in places where smartphones have poor or no reception.

For the functional manual please refer to Wireless M-Bus Gateways - the firmware is functional identical but does not support LoRaWAN uplink and a bigger telegram storage.

Product Identification

NamewMBus Concentrator Gateway (NB-IoT)
Order number



Physical dimensions and properties

  • 1 x pole mounting plate 100 x 20mm
  • 1 x screw clamp stainless steel, clamping range 60-170mm, V2A
  • 2 x pan-head screw M5 x 10 mm, V2A
  • 2 x ratchet nut M5, V2A
RatingIP66 (Suitable for outdoor use)