Dzer0 Gateway 4X

General Information

The Dzer0 Gateway 4X is a device that can be used to readout modern utility meters with standardized infrared "INFO" interface.

The meter outputs over its infrared "INFO" interface a serial protocol conforming to the Smart Meter Language Protocol 1.04 (SML) or IEC 62056-21 protocol. This interface is intended to be used by end-users and not for billing purposes of the electricity supplier.

The read information normally contains the current consumption values of the meter and gets interpreted and forwarded by the Dzer0 Gateway 4X via a LoRaWAN or Nb-IoT to web based applications interested in further processing this data.


Older meters with "infrared pulse" output are not compatible to the Dzer0 Gateway 4X. Please check our list of compatible meters to make sure it is equipped with the correct interface.


Consider using the latest firmware on your hardware

  • See available firmware downloads

Compatible utility meters

Any meter that adheres to the standard can be read. The following list contains meters that we successfully tested.

Electricity meter


LK13 seriesLogarex
OpenWay® 3.HZiTron
SGM-C4 seriesefr
SGM-D seriesefr
eHZ-K seriesEMH
mMe4.0 seriesEMH
ED300 seriesEMH
eBZD seriesEMH