wMbus Keys

Manage wireless M-Bus keys that are used for decryption inside the Lobaro Platform Parser when dealing with wireless M-Bus data.

  • Role: Org Admin
  • Navigation: Organisation → wMbus Keys



Allows to import Keys from CSV. The page offers to download an example CSV to be used as template for the import.

New Import Format

We will update the import format but keep the "old" one compatible.

Import Format

Filter12345678 / LOB / *

Meter Id of the device, 3 LetterOMS Manufacturer Code or * for a key that should be matched for all devices

  • MeterId is 8 Digits long (12 digits for SensusRF)
  • Manufacturer Code contains 3 uppercase letters
  • Start "*" = Match all

If multiple keys match a single telegram, all will be tried until the decryption succeeds

Key12345678AAAAAAAA12345678FFFFFFFFDecryption Key in Hex Format