SFTP (CSV) Integration

A SFTP Integration exports a CSV File over SFTP protocol once a day.

The export will use the CSV Format field from the DeviceTypes Tableconfig to define the columns of the csv. (For Details about Table Confog see: Table Config)

The export will create one CSV file per DeviceType. Named as exportTime_DeviceType.csv. (2021-02-18_15-31_Lobaro-NB-IoT-wMBus-Gateway.csv)

The export will be executed once a day at the configured time. It will Export all Data from devices matching the filter since the last successful export. 

Config ParamExamplesComment
Target Host/IP Adress


Domain or IP Adress for your SFTP Server
Port22Port your server uses. Default for SFTP is 22.
Path on Serveruploads/lobaro

Directory path to use on the server. The CSV Files will be put into thes directory.

When the directory doesn't exist and the user has create rights he will create the folder.

Usernamefoobarusername to login with. Make sure the user has permission to write into the target directory.
PasswordMySecretPassword2Usepassword for the user.
FilterNB-IoT-Gateway-FilterFilter to use for the integration. (Defined under Integration → Filter) Only Devices Matching the filter will be exported.
Time to run04:30Time to execute the integration daily.