Integrations allow exchange data between the Lobaro Platform and other applications.

Integrate with LoRaWAN Network Server

See: Integrate LoRaWAN Network Server


See: REST Api

HTTP (forwarding)

Navigate to: Integrations -> HTTP

Forward data from the Lobaro Platform to any HTTP(s) endpoint.

HTTP Method: The HTTP method to use for the request.

Target URL: Any reachable HTTP server endpoint. (Can use Variable Substitution, for details see below.)

Authentication: One of the following authentication schemes can be used:

  • Basic Auth: Adds Username & password to request headers.
  • Bearer Token: Adds a Bearer Token to request headers. Just put the Token (without Bearer prefix).
  • OAuth: Fetch a OAuth token with the given scope from a Token URL using a ClientId and Secret as BasicAuth credentials. The fetched token is used for all API calls and automatically refreshed when invalid.

Headers: List of headers to be set on HTTP request in the format: <FieldName>: <Value> (e.g. Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==)

MQTT (forwarding)