Wireless M-Bus Gateway V3

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Firmware Update

Firmware Update

Due to continuous development, please check that the firmware on your unit is the latest version. If not, please find out more on this products firmware update page.

If an update using the USB configuration adapter and the Lobaro Maintenance Tool is not possible, e.g. because the devices are already installed in the field, please contact Lobaro to initiate a firmware over the air (FOTA) upgrade of your device. Note: FOTA is currently only possible with cellular radio uplinks (NB-IoT, LTE-M) and not when using LoRaWAN.


The Lobaro Wireless M-Bus Gateway V3 is a simple to use, cost and energy efficient battery powered device that receives, caches and forwards metering consumption data from up to 500 Wireless M-Bus enabled devices, like water meters, electricity meters, heat meters onto the Internet using either NB-IoT, LTE-M1 or LoRaWAN LPWAN technology. Depending on the data upload frequency battery lifetimes from months, e.g. when configured to hourly uploads, up to 10 years+, when configured to 3-5 uploads per month, can be reached.Introduction

Datasheet & Quickstart

Please see PDF Files (🇩🇪 | 🇬🇧).

Latest Firmware

Please see Firmware Downloads.

CE Declaration of Conformity

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User Manual

This documentation is currently a stub. Since the functionality is very similar to the previous model "V2", we ask you to use this documentation until the new documentation is online.

Wireless M-Bus Gateway V2

Differences to Wireless M-Bus Gateway V2 (LOB-GW-WMBUS-NB2)

All features are backwards compatible.

Notable new Features:

  • DNS Support ("port" parameter moved to "host")
  • CI-Field Filter (Parameter "ciFilter")
  • Automated reboot on connection loss (Parameter "LostReboot" - default after 5 Days)
  • optimized internal wMbus store for optimal usage of the 64 kByte storage

Hardware related changes:

  • wMbus receive sensitivity increased by ~10%
  • wMbus receive power consumption reduced by ~ 50%
  • Plugable internal Antenna
  • Recommended battery changed to compatible SAFT LSH-20
  • Optional SD-Card storage (not used in Firmware yet)