Wireless M-BUS

Wireless M-BUS (wMbus) is a radio technology for meeters and sensors that operates in 433 MHz and 868 MHz with short range of 30 to 150m (depending of environment).

Support of Lobaro Devices

Lobaro offers multiple solutions to collect wMbus telegrams and forward them via NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, LAN, etc. called Wireless M-Bus Gateway or Bridge.

Utility meter compatibility

The Lobaro wMBUS Gateways are working with every meter using standard 868 MHz wMbus:

433 MHz is not supported by any Lobaro Gateway yet

We created a detailed list of over 400 meters that were received by our gateway in supported-devices.csv

The list includes the following devices:

wMBUS meterTypeManufacturerMore information
Q caloric 5.5Heat costQundisExternal Link
Sontex 868Heat costSontexExternal Link
SHARKY 775HeatDiehl MeteringExternal Link
MULTICAL® 603HeatKamstrupExternal Link
QALCOSONIC E1Heat & CoolingAxioma MeteringExternal Link
Sonometer 30Heat & CoolingDanfossExternal Link
INVONIC HHeat & CoolingApatorExternal Link
iPERL®WaterSensusExternal Link
HydrusWaterDiehl MeteringExternal Link
MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 210xWaterKamstrupExternal Link
Q water 5.5WaterQundisExternal Link
Modularis yFlowWater addonHermann PipersbergExternal Link
MuniaTemp. & HumidityWeptechExternal Link
Qalcosonic W1 (Honeywell Q400)WaterAxioma MeteringExternal Link
EquaScan eHCAHeat costiTronExternal Link
EquaScan hMIUHeatiTron
EquaScan pMIOPulse MeteriTron
EquaScan wMIUWater meteriTron
EquaScan iSDSmoke DetectoriTron
ULTRIMIS WWaterApatorExternal Link
V200 / V210 HYBRIDWaterElsterExternal Link


For parsing wMbus telegrams you can use our wMbus Parsing API