Troubleshooting Guideline

Table of Contents

Self Checks

Hardware Checklist

QuestionHow ToRestriction
Is the antenna connected?
  • Visually check the Antenna connection.
  • Make sure the connector is fixed soldered on the PCB.

Is the battery connected?
  • Visually check the Battery connection
  • If in doubt, reconnect the Battery

Is the SIM-Card inserted?
  • Visually check the SIM Card
  • Check the orientation of the SIM Card

Not for LoRaWAN operation

Device not Working

The device is not connecting and no remote error analysis is possible.
Local access to the device is required.

DeviceIndicationMeaning / Causes
  • Green LED Flashes every few seconds
  • Indicates a reboot Cycle
  • SIM Card not connected?
  • Hardware error?
  • Local Configuration error (remote updates are validated!)
  • Local Firmware Update error (remote updates are validated!)
  • Battery low / brownout
wMbus Gateway
  • After Reset the Blue LED does flash for ~3 minutes
  • Mobile connection cannot be established
All Battery Devices
  • No green LED light after Reset
  • Battery empty
  • Hardware error

Further Error Analysis

Log from device can indicate the cause

Software Checklist

  1. Connect the Lobaro Configuration Adapter to the Hardware (see: USB Config Adapter)
  2. Install and connect via Lobaro Maintenance Tool


Check Firmware Version
  • Go to Firmware Tab
  • Reset the device
  • Wait for Device Info Output
  • Check Firmware and Address is correct

Check that Firmware starts up
  • Go to Logs Tab
  • Check that bootloader and firmware is loaded

Check Configuration
  • Go to Configuration tab
  • Press "Reload Config"
  • Check the parameters, especially the connectivity parameters
    • WAN, Host, SIM-Settings like APN, Operator, etc.

Check Battery Voltage
  • See logs and search for: e.g. LTE| Voltage: 3629mV
  • Reset the device to get the value from after reset

Fix issues

Device does not start

  • Update the Firmware to the latest or desired version

Device does not connect to the mobile network

  • Check connection with your mobile operator
  • Try another SIM Card

Retoure process

  • Contact Lobaro with a description of the defects, type and number of devices. We will issue an Retour document and number.
  • Ship devices without batteries. Else a fee for shipping dangerous goods must be applied.