Mobile Network Connection

Some Lobaro devices do support mobile connections like NB-IoT or LTE-Cat-M1.

Mobile operator and LTE band configuration

Depending on the mobile operator the Config Parameters Operator and (LTE) Band must be set.
Operator codes are 5 digit codes that indicate country and operator. The band defines the frequency range of the operator.

List of common operators:

Deutsche TelekomGermany262018
Vodafone DeutschlandGermany2620220
T-Mobile Austria GmbH (Magenta)Austria232038
TDC A/SDenmark2380120 (?)
Telenor DenmarkDenmark2380220 (?)
Telia DKDenmark2382020 (?)
Tele2Sweden2400720 (?)

Other provider codes are listed in a list of mobile operator codes on Wikipedia. Additional information on operators and bands can be found

NB-IoT Bands

Each Lobaro hardware only supports a subset of bands. 

BandUplink (TX)Downlink (RX)BandwidthDuplex-ModeUsed by
B31710-1785 MHz 1805-1880MHz75 MHz


880 - 915 MHz

925 - 960 MHz

25 MHz




832 - 862 MHz

791 - 821 MHz

30 MHz



The NB-IoT Bands selected for Europe are B3 (1800 MHz), B8 (900 MHz) and B20 (800 MHz). B8 and B20 are supported by most Lobaro devices, B3 might be available on special sales request.