Lobaro Documentation


This site is the central documentation for IoT products of Lobaro GmbH, Hamburg, Germany.

Active IoT Products

Order code(s)Device NameIoT TechnologyDevice Data Source / SensorTarget Measurement / Purpose
8000131Wireless M-Bus Gateway V2

Range extension of Wireless M-Bus / OMS meters via cellular NB-IoT networks or LoRaWAN 

8000095Wireless M-Bus Bridge V2

Range extension of Wireless M-Bus / OMS meters via LoRaWAN
8000089Water Level Sensor

0…15 mH2O, Precision relative pressure gauge

Measurement of liquid / (ground) water levels, range: 0...15m
8000137, 8000041Modbus (ASCII / RTU) Bridge

Readout of serial RS485 ModBus devices via LoRaWAN
8000091EDL21 electricity meter bridge

OBIS code data via optical readout-head

EDL21 electricity meter LoRaWAN bridge
8000072, 8000150Multi Temperature Sensor Box

Up to 20 connected temperature sensors Forward temperature data from multiple temperature probes via LoRaWAN
8000116GPS Tracker V3

GNSS position dataAsset position tracking via LoRaWAN
8000097Environment Sensor

Bosch BME680

Precision humidity, temperature and air pressure measurements

LoRaWAN® is a mark used under license from the LoRa Alliance®.

Configuration Tools

Tool NameTechnologyPurpose
Lobaro USB config adapterUSBHardware adapter as local interface to all Lobaro devices
Lobaro Maintenance ToolWin, Mac, LinuxFree PC software for device configuration, firmware updates and diagnostics

Background Knowledge

The following articles depict general concepts and hints which might be important while using Lobaro products: